Ski mountaineering

CONDITIONS FOR IMPLEMENTATION of ski mountaineering in restricted areas

1. Ski mountaineering can perform alpine skier and mountain climbers in organizing unions (hereinafter "ski mountaineer").
2. Ski mountaineer may enter the alpine environment outside hiking and nature trails and at the time of seasonal closures of hiking and educational trails only for the purpose of taking on alpine hike. Ski mountaineering can be carried out from December 21 to April 15 in case of good snow conditions, unless it has been declared avalanche danger.
3. Maximum number of ski mountaineers in one place in one day was set at 30 persons.
4. Ski mountaineer is required to report by appropriate means (telephone, radio or in person) no later than the date of commencement of the planned tours to National Park administration, stating his name, surname and place in which it is to lead the planned hike, or its alternatives depend on the weather. Ski mountaineer shall ensure that the planned hike is in the limit laid down in paragraph 3.
5. Ski mountaineer is required to carry a valid proof of his climbing organization, and upon request demonstrate it to the institutions of nature and landscape protection personnel,
National Park administration staff who have a legitimate nature guard and a member of the Nature Guard (§ 5).


Restricted routes for Ski mountaineering

a) in the Veľká Studená dolina to Zbojnícka chata through the Sivé plesá to Priečne sedlo, from Priečne sedlo to Téryho chata in the Malá Studená dolina and further underneath Mačacia veža to Baranie sedlo and passing the Veľká Zmrzlá dolina to Chata pri Zelenom plese,
b) in the Mlynická dolina from the vodopád Skok to Soliskové sedlo and the same route back, or from the saddle to the ski slope from the Chata Solisko,
c) in the Žiarska dolina - Veľké Závraty and Malé Závraty, starting point is Žiarska chata,
d) Bobrovecká Vápenica - Červenec - Babky - Veľká Kopa - saddle Priehyba and back,
e) Spálená dolina
f) ski slope Spálená - Salatínska dolina.


Prohibition of entry to the alpine environment from  April 15 to June 15 April 15 for tourists, alpine skiers and mountain climbers.


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