Wellness hotels and services in the High Tatras

Overview of wellness hotels in the High Tatras and surroundings in alphabetical order - equipment, service procedures.

What exactly is wellness?

The word wellness was first used by Sir A. English Johnson in the 17th century in conjunction with good health. In the second middle of last century rediscovered him in the U.S., when two gentlemen Donald B. Ardell and John Travis defined wellness as a state of physical and mental well-being can be achieved only responsible approach to their health, diet, if the condition in the vicinity. Wellness is therefore a way of life, leading to the creation of physical and mental balance.
The beneficial and therapeutic effects of the High Tatras
"The healing elements of the Tatra climate characterized by an unusual purity of air, high levels of sunshine (annual average 1817 hours) and ultraviolet radiation. Reduced atmospheric pressure (673 Torr), average moisture and air saturation Tatra ozone and fragrant silica. Spas advantage is that located above the layer of dust and smoke zone, which is given by the high purity of the air, almost free of bacteria and allergens. " (Source: Spa Poprad)
All positive effects are compounded by the beautiful mountain environment, which the human body acts in an extremely stimulating. 

Hotel Atrium *** Nový Smokovec

 Hotel Atrium, wellness Hotel Atrium, wellness 
Interesting architectural design creates ideal conditions for rest. Underground vital world offers lime, menthol and citrus steam sauna, Finnish sauna, tepidarium, whirlpool bath with a capacity for 12 persons, shower world, massage, Softhys Concept - the beauty of skin and whole body, offered baths - slimming, stimulating or relaxing.
  Hotel Atrium, wellness 
Wellness Centre Hotel is the perfect place for total relaxation and renewal energy. Outstanding is the terrace of the hotel jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful Tatra nature. Water World offers a 20 m swimming pool, children's pool, jacuzzi or hydromassage bathtub. The center is located further cooling pool with a temperature of 5 to 12 ° C, ice bucket with a stream of ice water with a temperature of 12 ° C, Kneipp baths, Turkish bath, massage and herbal sachets. The sauna world awaits eucalyptus, Finnish, infra, herbal sauna and Turkish. Pleasant temperatures and win a seat in the stellar tepidarium has relaxing effect. As part of the wellness center fitness, with individual and group exercises, climbing wall 11 m high for both children and adults.
 Hotel Bellevue, wellness Hotel Bellevue, wellness
The wellness center of Hotel Bellevue is available 20-meter swimming pool, sauna world and a variety of spa treatments that will bring pleasant relaxation. In selecting the appropriate procedures will be happy to help professional staff - a doctor and physiotherapist. You also have the opportunity to refresh or add liquid minerals and fruit and vegetable juices and energy drinks at the pool directly Aquabar. Therapy: massage, reflexology massage, parafango and peat wrap, oxygen (oxygen enriched air inhalation for 40 to 60%) aromatherapy (essential oils beneficial effects), light and sound therapy (Crystal Bath) inhalation in chronic inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, whirlpools, Kneipp foot bath, magnetic (anti-inflammatory effect, promote healing and anti-oedematous action and others).

Hotel Aquacity Seasons ***, Poprad

Luxury Hotel is located in the area of most ecological center in the world.
Waterpark located in the indoor pools with thermal water, outdoor thermal pool, swimming pool, children pool, children's attractions, sauna world, Cryocentre, water slides, fitness, massage and other services.
 Hotel International, wellness  
Relaxing hotel services include an indoor pool with whirlpool and upstream (4 x 9 m) and water at 30 ° C, outdoor pool with heated water (5 x 3.2 m), and mini vital world, which includes aromatic steam sauna , Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, outdoor cooling pool, tropical shower, ice bucket, Scottish massage cabin, ice pellets, and whirlpool. For active clients is available gym.

Hotel Trigan Baník ***, Štrbské Pleso

 Hotel Kontakt, wellness Hotel Kontakt, wellness
Body treat and soul, vital world - pool with water jets, saunas, massages, fitness center and tepidarium is prepared for the clients in the hotel. 

Hotel Palace, Hotel Branisko, Nový Smokovec

 Hotel Palace, Branisko, wellness Hotel Palace, wellness 
Revitalization in the newly built wellness center at Spa Nový Smokovec provides sauna, steam room, salt inhalation, infrared sauna, whirlpool, Kneipp foot baths, tepidarium, experience showers, sauna, aroma and cooling vat. Spa treatments include the following treatments: inhalation, oxygen therapy, whirlpool baths, Scottish showers, whirlpool, massage (classical and reflex), electrotherapy (magnetotherapy, diadynamic currents, shortwave diathermy, ultrasound, ventricular hydrogalvan), peat, lamp, sunray lamp, individual and group medical gymnastics, respiratory gymnastics .
Pleasant Relaxation facilities include a large swimming pool with a relaxing massage and bubble massage jets, eukaplytom with steam sauna and relaxing part of the Relax bar.

The swimming pool has a children's section with slides, water games for free funny: volleyball, water polo and aids for swimming. For children is available a children's play area and changing corner.
Enjoying a massage therapy you can experience at the hands of the empathic therapists offer Beauty Centre.

Hotel Titris Odborár *** Tatranská Lomnica

  Hotel Titris Odborár, wellness
 Part of the hotel complex Hotel *** Titris Odborár Aquarelax the water world. Attractions, the hotel facilities ranked among the top vysokotatranských hotels, with the broadest range of additional services throughout the year. The center is divided into two zones. In the Zone I. find recreational pool with upstream massage session with massage, spinal massage jets, bottom nozzle hydro massage the legs, air geyser, acceleration channel, sleeping air balloons full body massage, water spouts to massage the top of the spine, wall hydro, water mushroom a slide with water flow. In zone II. is dry, bio herbal sauna, wet - a sauna, cooling pool, cooling output to the exterior brodítkom and shower, whirlpool bath, shower and restroom. As part of the massage services provided to each zone is available for social and public health background, professional staff and aqua bar.

Hotel Villa Siesta ***, Nový Smokovec


In the Hotel Villa Siesta you can try Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, hydromassage bath, various types of massage. There is also a small fitness center and table tennis.

We also offer our guests a variety of massages:
* aromatherapy
* hot stone massage
* classic massage
* reflexology foot massage
* cupping





Relaxation beds


Eucalyptus steam sauna

Classic Finnish sauna

Relaxation pool



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