Transport in High Tatras

Transport in the High Tatras

1/ Tatra Electric Railway
2/ Electric Motor Train
3/ Rack railway
4/ Cableways
5/ Ski bus in winter
6/ Bus
7/ Car


1. Tatra Electric Railway

Tatra Electric Railway connects the centres of the High Tatras and lniks them with Poprad.
They are the most efficient mean of transport in the High Tatras because you are not bound to a car and you do not pay any parking fees. In season, they go relatively often.

The main node is Starý Smokovec from where the trains go to Poprad, Tatranská Lomnica and Štrbské Pleso.

The departures can be found at (via application ELIS).


 2/ Electric motor train

The Electric Motor Train connects Tatranská Lomnica with Poprad. Some lines are direct, some require changing in Studený Potok to another train which then heads to Poprad. 

The departures can be found at (via application ELIS).

 3/ Rack railway

The rack railway goes from Štrbské Pleso to Tatranská Štrba through Tatranský Lieskovec station.
The rack railway station is situated behind "ŠTRBA" train station in Tatranská Štrba. Štrbské Pleso stations are joint.

The departures can be found at (via application ELIS).

4/ Cableways (

a/ Funicular railway Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok

The lower funicular railway station is located in Starý Smokovec, at the altitude of 1026 m above sea level.

The upper funicular railway station is located at Hrebienek, at the altitude of 1235 m above sea level.

Basic technical parameters:
Track length: 1937,33 m
wagon capacity: 160 + 1 conductor
number of wagons: 2
hourly transport capacity in one direction: 1300 persons
transport speed: max 10 m/s
travel time: cca 5 min.


b/ Aerial railway Tatranská Lomnica - Skalnaté Pleso.

Tatranská Lomnica - Štart (1173 above sea level) - Skalnaté Pleso (1772 above sea level).
Capacity is 900 persons / hour.
Cabin capacity is 4 persons.


c/ Aerial railway Skalnaté Pleso - Lomnický peak

Skalnaté Pleso (1772 above sea level) - Lomnický peak (2625 above sea level).
The cabin which runs to Lomnický peak has the capacity of 21 persons.

Hourly capacity is 42 persons.
Track length: 1868 m.
Elevation difference: 855 m.

5 / Ski bus in winter

Ski bus information

6 / Bus

You can use the bus to transport from Poprad to the High Tatras or Tatranská Kotlina, Tatranské Matliary and Ždiar, in other words, the place where the Tatra Electric Railway does not go.  

Bus lines can be searched via this webpage

7 / Car

Parking fee applies mainly in the summer months. Parking at the cableways is free in winter. 


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