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Hrebienok is the starting point of several hiking trails. Hrebienok can be reached by funicular or by foot on road possibly forest trail (approx. 45 min.).

Hrebienok – Zamkovského chata (45 min.)
Simple and very pleasant mountain trail leads from Hrebienok by so-called "Tatranská magistrála
". During the journey you can stop in Rainerova chata (chalet), where you get a variety of information about the history of Sherpa (carriers) in the Tatras and the like. This route will also pass through Studený potok (creek) and also go around a huge waterfall. The aim of this route is the Zamkovského chata where you can pleasantly refresh (in the menu you will also find buns, note. author).
You can continue from Zamkovského chata to Téryho chata, or to the Skalnaté Pleso (tarn). Both of these routes are described below.
If you decide to go back to Hrebienok, you can use the route towards the Vodopady Studeného potoka (waterfalls) that runs along Studený potok. This means that from the Zamkovského chata you will go first along the red trail, and then finally the blue and the green one, leading up to Starý Smokovec.

Hrebienok – Sliezsky dom (2 hours)
Relatively easy trail leads you along the foot of the Slavkovsky štít (peak) to the Velická dolina (valley), where the mountain hotel Sliezsky dom is situated and very nice Velické pleso (lake). You can cool off in the mountain hotel and continue the other tours (Batizovské pleso (tarn), Popradské Pleso (tarn), Poľský hrebeň, Východna Vysoká (peak) and Zbojnícka chata (chalet) through Prielom (mountain saddle) - all routes are described below).
If you decide to go back, you have several options. You can follow identical route to Hrebienok. Alternatively you can choose a route to Starý Smokovec (yellow route), or to Tatranské Zruby (yellow and blue route), or if you are very tired, you can
descend the asphalt road to the Tatranská Polianka (approx. 30 min.), where the Tatra electric railway stop is.

Hrebienok – Studenovodské vodopády (30 min.), Rainerova chata
An easy walk along Studený potok (creek) will lead you to  Vodopády Studeného potoka (waterfalls). You can also continue to Rainerova chata (chalet), and then by the "Tatranska magistrala" back to Hrebienok (or continue on to Zamkovského chata , Téryho chata or Skalnaté Pleso).

Hrebienok – Slavkovský štít
Lengthy, almost 6 hour hike. Starts on the Hrebienok and continues towards Sliezsky dom. After about 20 min. trail will lead you to the signpost where your journey will be diverted to Slavkovský štít.
Route leads back along the same route.

Hrebienok – Téryho chata (2 hours 45 min.)
Moderately difficult hike. Runs along the "Tatranska magistrala" to Zamkovského chata and continues in the Malá Studená dolina (valley). The hardest part is a steep climb to the chalet by socalled "Hang", which tests the physical fitness of tourists. Téryho chata (chalet) is a pleasant rest from further hikes. From Téryho chata you can admire "Päť Spišských plies" (5 tarns), view of the Tatra villages and an exception are not even the typical Tatra animals - chamois and marmots.
Other possible tours (Priečne sedlo (saddle) - Zbojnícka chata (chalet) - !warning - Priečne sedlo can be reached only from the direction of Téryho chata. Not vice versa. Difficult climb to Priecne seldo, approx. 70 m of a chain climbing - hike is not suitable for children)!, Sedielko - Javorina).
You can return back along the same route.

Hrebienok – Zbojnícka chata
Moderately difficult trail that leads from a certain part by the "Tatranská magistrála". Near the path of Studený potok (creek) to Zbojnicka chata (chalet) it separates and further leads to Veľká Studená dolina (valley). Veľký Studený potok (creek) runs through the Veľká Studená dolina, which along with the Malý Studený potok (creek) create at the confluence Studený potok (creek). Veľká Studená dolina offers a wonderful view of the surrounding peaks as Slavkovský štít, Prostredný hrot and others.
You can return back along the same route.

Hrebienok – Skalnaté Pleso
Route to the Skalnaté pleso (tarn) is easy. Beginning of this journey is identical with the Hrebienok - Zamkovského chata route. Trails disconnect at the Zamkovského chata. One of them leads to Téryho chata (chalet) and one to the Skalnaté Pleso (tarn).
You can return back along the same route or you can go down by cable car to the Tatranská Lomnica.
More hiking trails lead from Skalnaté Pleso (
Chata pri Zelenom Plese, Tatranská Lomnica).

Skalnaté Pleso

The Skalnaté Pleso can be easily reached from the Tatranská Lomnica by cable car (see Transportation).
From Skalnaté Pleso, you can take a cable car to Lomnický štít (peak) or a chairlift to Lomnické sedlo (sadlle). Tatra villages and Malá Studená dolina with Téryho chata can be seen from the Lomnické sedlo. Lomnické sedlo
can be accessed only by the chairlift. Hiking is prohibited.

Skalnaté Pleso – Chata pri Zelenom plese
Moderately difficult hike. The hardest part is to climb the Sedlo pod Svišťovkou (saddle) (2023 m) to the Dolina Zeleného plesa (valley). On the way there are chains. You can return back along the same route, or descend the trail directly to Tatranská Lomnica or Tatranské Matliare. In case of a fast descend from the Chata pri Zelenom plese (chalet) , it is good to use a route that leads to the Biela Voda bus stop. In this case, you must reckon with the fact that you need to get to Tatranska Lomnica by a conventional bus.

Skalnaté Pleso – Hrebienok
See Hrebienok – Skalnaté Pleso.

Skalnaté Pleso – Štart - Tatranská Lomnica 
Trail from Skalnaté Pleso to Tatranská Lomnica which runs through the Sedlo pod Malou Svišťovkou (saddle), past the intermediate station of the cable car "Start" is pleasant as well. End of the route is at the bottom station of the former cable car in Tatranská Lomnica.

Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso offers in addition to pleasant walks around the tarn also some very nice hiking trails. So-called "Areál snov" is situated in the Štrbské Pleso, where among other attractions are also diving boards, chair lifts, area for children, and the like.

Štrbské Pleso – Popradské Pleso
This tour is also like a route from Sliezsky house to Hrebienok and Skalnaté Pleso part of the "Tatranská magistrála", which has an inherent red mark.
The route begins in the so-called "Areál snov".
The route is simple, little tourists can handle it easily. It ends at the Chata pri Popradskom plese  (chalet). As the name implies, the chalet is located at the Popradske Pleso (tarn). Near the chalet (about 10 min.) is so-called "Symbolický cintorín" (cemetery), which is dedicated to the victims of Tatras. A special feature is especially hand-carved wooden crosses and chapel.
From the Chata pri Popradskom plese you can further continue to Hincove plesá (tarns), to Rysy (peak), to Vyšné Kôprové sedlo (saddle), to Batizovské plesá (tarns), Sliezsky dom, or to the Tatra electric railway stop Popradské Pleso (approx. 45 min. asphalt road).

Štrbské Pleso – vodopád Skok – Bystré sedlo
The first part of the tour - to the waterfall Skok is easy (even children can handle it). The way forward is difficult and leads along the waterfall Skok (there are chains). Above the waterfall there is "Pleso nad vodopádom Skok" (tarn). Trail leads furthermore through the Mlynická dolina (valley) to the Capie pleso (tarn) and further along switchbacks up to the Bystré sedlo (saddle). The route to saddle is secured with chains. Trail to Bystré sedlo is one way only (from the sied of Capie pleso)!

Štrbské Pleso – Kriváň
For demanding tourists there is a very nice hike to Kriváň (there are also a chains). The tour from Štrbské pleso (tarn) takes about 9 hours. Kriváň offers not only a beautiful view of the surroundings but also pleasant feeling of hill climbing. The hardest part is climb to Daxnerovo saddle.

Chata pri Popradskom plese

Foto: Ladislav Janiga

Chata pri Popradskom plese – Rysy
Typical Tatra moderately difficult hike that leads from Chata pri Popradskom plese through the Mengusovská dolina towards Hincove plesá. Trail to Rysy, however, deviates from the route to Hincove plesá and heads further around Žabie plesá to the Chata pod Rysmi (chalet, 2250 m). The chalet is comfortable, you can freshen up and continue on to sedlo Váhy (saddle, 2339 m) up to the Rysy (2 499.6 m). Chata pod Rysmi is open all year round. There is also border crossing to Poland on the Rysy.

Chata pri Popradskom plese – Hincové plesá – Vyšné Kôprové sedlo
Fairly lengthy tour, which runs through the Mengusovská dolina (valley) along the Hincov potok (stream) to Malé and Veľké Hincovo pleso (tarns). Veľké Hincovo pleso is the deepest lake in the High Tatras. From Hincove plesá you can further climb steepy hillside to the Vyšné Kôprovské sedlo (saddle, 2180 m) and from there to the Koprovský štít (peak, 2 363 m).

Chata pri Popradskom plese – Batizovské pleso
An easy tour, in which physically the most complicated is the climb to Ostrva. Switchbacks that lead to Ostrva are beautifully visible from Popradské pleso. From Batizovské pleso (tarn) you can go to Vyšné Hágy where the Tatra electric railway stop is or you can continue along the "Tatranska magistrala" to Sliezsky dom.

Sliezsky Dom

Sliezsky Dom – Poľský hreben – Východná Vysoká
Moderately difficult hike that leads through the Velická dolina (valley). Along the way you can see Velický vodopád (waterfall), Kvetnicové pleso (tarn) and very nice Dlhé pleso (tarn). The route is quite twisty so it looks very interesting. When climbing to the Sedlo Poľského hrabeňa (saddle) it is appropriate to use chains. There is a relatively narrow space, so you should avoid the tourists coming from the opposite direction. From Poľský hrebeň you can climb the yellow route to the Vchodná Vysoká (peak, 2 428.6 m).

Sliezsky Dom – Batizovské pleso
Undemanding but rather lengthy tour suitable for children. Along the way you can see Batizovské vodopády (waterfalls) and Tatra villages. From Batizovské pleso (tarn) you can get to Vyšné Hágy where the Tatra electric railway stop is (see Transportation), or you can continue to Chata pri Popradskom plese.

Chata pri Zelenom plese

Chata pri Zelenom plese – Jahňací štít
Quite a challenging climb to Jahňací štít (peak, 2112 m) leads through the Červená doloina (valley) along the Červené and Belasé pleso (tarns) to Kolový priechod (passage). There are chins when climbi outlet are chains.

Chata pri Zelenom plese – Kopské sedlo - Javorina
Lengthy tour, which runs through the Belianske Tatry to Javorina. From Javoriny you can go back by bus.


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