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Miki Knižka

Miki Knižka is an experienced climber, skier and traveler living alternately in the west of Canada and Slovakia in the High Tatras.

Miki is known in the circle of mountain guides, climbers and alpinists for his adventurous shoes and taste to discover what , except of Europe, have taken him to many outdoor expeditions to Asia or South and North America. These expeditions of different character include activities such as alpine skiing, climbing, mountain biking and trekking.

In the summer 2009, Miki became an aspirant of international mountain guide certification UIAGM and he is a member of the Czech Association of Mountain Guides.

Miki's most outstanding achievements resume:

  • 5 x Sherpa Really winner
  • Ski mountaineering races - Whistler - 2nd place, Stevens Pass - 3rd place, Alpental - 3rd place, Crystal Mountain - 3rd place
  • Mount McKinley (Denali) - Messner Couloir and West Buttress
  • Multi-day ski mountaineering transitions in Canada - Pemberton Icecap Traverse, Misty Icefield Traverse, Traverse McBride, Bugaboos traverse Bostock-Revelstoke traverse
  • During an expedition in South America output Artesonraju, Chopicalqui, Huayna Potosi, Parinacota, quitar, Ranrapalca, Sajama, Tocllaraju, Ishinca, Vallunaraju, Pequeno Alpamayo


Igor Trgiňa "Trgi"

- in 1968, he took his the first breath
- finished the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
- climbed American diretisimu the Petit Dru
- worked as a paramedic Fire Rescue in High Tatras
- become a mountain guide UIAGM
- is a member of the grouping mountainproguding
- and perhaps even a couple of insignificant trifles

MUDr. Ivan Žila, PhD.

Ivan Žila about himself:

I'm a climber. I like the motion, "stick to catch, stand on the degree."
In the beginning was the word and it sounded: "Climb!". Over the rocks in Blatnice, Manín, Vtáčnik or Súľov it got into Tatras, then to the Alps and Karakoram.
And I climbed, so we climbed. Friends, mates.
So much joy and experiences you have to share and we shared it together. In the Arc, in Chamonix, in the Tatras. On rock, ice, powder snow and firn. In bivouacs,on the skis, in troughs and ridges, in the race and after.

Today, as a mountain guide-aspirant I know and I want to help you experience something similar. Safely and professionally. And with joy ........

sport climbing: RP to 9 +, OS up to 8 + UIAA
climbing: amount of climbs in the High Tatras (winter and summer) and in the Alps, to 8 - OS
alpine skiing: ridge crossings Malá and Veľká Fatra, Low Tatras, Western Tatras, challenging transitions in the High Tatras runs - eg . E face of Kriváň, SE face of Vysoká, NW face of Rysy, NW rib of Mlynár and other races - 3rd place at the World Championships B catheg. in the High Tatras
expeditions: doctor and an active participant in the Karakoram Expedition 2004
other: Member of HK excrement Martin, organizer and co-organizer of the Slovak Cup race in bouldering, a photographer and member of the editorial board Jamesák, member VV SHS JAMES, the chairman of alpinism SHS JAMES
other interests: volleyball , MTB, literature, film, fine wine
best way:
Pšenica, 8 + , Blatnica
best climbing area: Arco , Ceredo and of course Blatnica
best climbing area: in Chamonix , Courmayeur
best mountain / peak:
Malý Fatranský Kriváň, Grand Capucin
best alpine region: Malá Fatra
life motto: maybe zeppelinish "... to be a rock and not to roll"


Mountain guide is certainty for the client in the mountains, for it is a teacher, companion and closest friend. Hundreds of years is a mountain guide and client one bond that ties them together and they are needed. Both there would not be without the other!

This bond full of experiences throughout the year and offers our company.
Come with us to visit the mountains of different continents, indulge in adventures exploring the beautiful natural nooks and try to complete sports activities that are not everyday.

We are here for you in summer and winter on the mountain and in the valley. Fulfill your secret dreams and adventure, tell us about them and I will help you meet them.

Yours Mountain ProGuiding Guides.


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