If you're a fan of cycling, we offer you several marked trails. In any case, we do not recommend to test their strength in a mountain area outside of marked cycle routes. Suggested route:

1. Biela Voda - Chata pri zelenom plese (910 m - 1560 m) length of 7.8 km, a very difficult route, only for mountain bike

2 Tatranská Lomnica - Start (910 m - 1140 m) length of 2.1 km, moderately difficult trail, only for mountain bike

3 Kežmarské Žľaby - Mlynčeky (910 m - 680 m) length of 7.2 km, easy route

4 Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok (1050 m - 1260 m) length of 2.3 kilometers, the route for more experienced cyclists

5 Tatranská Polianka - mountain hotel Sliezsky dom (990 m - 1663 m) length of 6.8 km, very difficult trail

Reserved cycle tracks for individual cycling in the National Park

1. Lysá Poľana - Bielovodská dolina (cabin)
2. Biela voda - Chata pri Zelenom plese
3. Kežmarské Žľaby - Mlynčeky
4. Tatranská Lomnica (cable car station) - Štart circuit
5. circuit above Eurocamp
6. Stará Lesná - Tatranská Lomnica
7. Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok
8. circuit above Nová Lesná
circuit above Novou Lesnou -Stará Lesná
10. Dolný Smokovec - Žakovská poľana - Gerlachov
11. Nový Smokovec (Sibír railway stop) - Žakovská poľana - Gerlachov
12. Tatranská polianka - Sliezky dom
13. Vyšné Hágy - Štôla (cabin)
14. Nová Polianka - Štôla
15. railway stop Popradské Pleso - Popradské pleso
16. Podbanské - Kôprova dolina
17. Podbanské - Tichá dolina
18. Pribylina - Žiarska dolina
19. mouth of the Žiarska dolina - Žiarska chata
20. Zuberec - Roháčska dolina
21. Zverovka - Látaná dolina
22. Zuberec - Habovka - Oravice

Routes specified in paragraph 1-22 are considered reserved biking trails if
a) should not apply to seasonal closures in accordance with Annex No. 3 and
b) the speed of bike riding does not exceed the speed of 15-20 km per hour.
On dedicated cycle routes has a visitor walking (pedestrian) take precedence over cyclists.

New - cycling tours

Directly from the seat of your mountain bike you can admire the mountain scenery from the Zelené pleso (1551 m), enjoying the views of the Belianske Tatras plus village of Ždiar from the Spišská Magura mountain ridge, try to overcome Kráľova Hola, which will reward you for a wonderful view of the surroundings from up to 1946 m. Do you prefer lighter landscape? In that case, will guide you through and through picturesque Pieniny and Zamagurie ... And that's just a few examples of the many ...

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