Marmot rules for the true little tourist

How do we behave in the woods? How do we prepare for a hike?

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Marmot rules for the true little tourist

1 Do not shout in the woods, so you unnecessarily scare forest critters
2 Do not throw garbage in the woods
3 Walk on marked paths (shortcuts can sometimes be more dangerous than they look)
4 Walk always accompanied by adult (mom, dad, teachers)
5 You need a good solid pair of hiking boots (preferably with a solid ankle and waterproof)
Each tourist must have good equipment with him:
      - backpack
      - beverage (liquids intake is very important for the body, especially in the summer)
      - food (in order to have enough energy)
      - raincoat (weather in the mountains is fickle and it is better to be prepared for the rain)
      - spare clothes (in case of rain)
      - jacket with long sleeves (in the valleys can be cold, although in the foothills of the already hot)
      - cap
6 It is very important to keep near adults for the little tourist.


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