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Terms of use - booking and participating in stays mediated by Vysoké Tatry Travel travel angecy Ltd.



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Customers of  travel agency are mediated accommodation services based on requests they state in a reservation.

Accommodation mediated by this company meets the conditions of general terms of accommodation. Specific accommodation facilities may have their terms of accommodation partly different (individual cases such as New Year’s Eve stays and similar).

Standard terms of accommodation:


Unless otherwise arranged (with owner /reception), check-in is by standard possible after 14:00 on the first day of client’s stay. Standard departure time is 10:00 of the last day of client’s stay.

Number of persons accommodated:

Accommodation voucher is issued for an exact number of persons. Accommodating a different amount without prior arrangement with the accommodation provider is not allowed.

Stay can be cancelled without compensation if a higher number of persons registers without prior approval.

Changing the number of persons is possible after a prior arrangement with travel agency or the owner.


Customers are within their rights to cancel an obligatory reservation. An obligatory reservation is formed at the moment of a confirming a reservation or paying a deposit. Following cancellation fees apply:

Cancellation fees:

*More than 60 days before the check-in: in case of having made a deposit or full payment. Cancellation fee - 5 Euro
*More than 30 days before the check-in, max. 60 days.           Cancellation fee – 30
% of the total price.
*More than 10 days before the check-in, max. 30 days.           Cancellation fee – 50
% of the total price.

*More than 3 days before the check-in, max. 10 days.             Cancellation fee – 70% of the total price.
* Less than 3 days before the check-in.                                       Cancellation fee – 100
% of the total price.

Cancellation must be announced in a written form and confirmed by the travel agency. No accommodation providers intend to have any gain on the cancellation fees. The fees can be lowered or even lifted in case of a very serious reason if the reason is related by customers without delay. Lowering or lifting the fees is not legally enforceable and it is entirely within each accommodation provider’s rights to decide whether the fee is lowered or kept at full.

Cancellation insurance is advised.

Damages liability:

Customers are obligated to return any rented accommodation facility without damage. Any damage must be immediately reported to the accommodation provider in order for rectification to be made.

The accommodation provider can charge a damage deposit which is fully returned in case of returning the accommodation facility without damage.

Terms of payment1

Paying for a stay:

Offers can state prices in Czech crowns (further as CZK“). The prices in CZK are for orientation, the final prices are in euro (further as “EUR”). The exact price in CZK is calculated at the time of payment using the current exchange rate of euro in Raiffeisen bank, Czech Republic.

An altered invoice can be issued in case of a significant currency rate shift occurring in the period between the original invoice issue date and the payment date.

An exact calculation is sent as a response to receiving a pre-order. Extra fee can be charged for stays with the length of 1 night.

Paying for a stay:


Means of payment for a stay according to the individual accommodation facility are sent along with the invoice.

The whole stay must usually be paid for 7-14 days since confirmation of the obligatory reservation at the latest, depending on the check-in date. In case that the check-in date is later than 2 months since the date of sending the reservation, the payment can be divided into two parts. Local accommodation fees are not included in the price. (1 EUR / night in the Town of High Tatras). The local accommodation fee does not apply to the following:  teenagers and children younger than 18, the blind, the handicapped. Other fees for services such as a garage, a sauna, a fitness centre etc. can be covered on the spot (unless included in the price of stay).


Accommodation voucher

Client receives an email attachment with an accommodation voucher after paying the sum stated in the obligatory reservation. Accommodation voucher is document which clients can use to verify themselves while checking-in.

It contains the following: term of stay, number of persons, accommodation provider contact, stamp and signature of a person accountable for the travel agency. For customers, the accommodation voucher is a confirmation of the range of services they have paid for. The accommodation provider holds the same information about ordered and covered services. For the providers, the voucher is a confirmation that a stay in their facility is properly booked and paid for at our travel agency. The acc. voucher is obligatory for both parties and any changes to it are only possible after a mutual agreement.


Means of payment:


  • bank transfer or a bank deposit in CZ (Czech Republic) or SR (Slovak Republic)

Information for bank transfer payments / CZE or SK bank account deposits:

  • Bank account in SK in the European currency (EUR): SK11 8330 0000 0025 0041 5164  FIO Banka, a.s.
  • Bank account in CZE in the Czech currency (CZK): 2900235226/2010 FIO banka. If one needs to make a deposit, bank branches contacts can be found at www.fio.cz. Attention, cash desk business hours can in some cases be different from business hours of the branch itself. It is possible to use EUR bank account nm. 2500415164/2010 FIO Banka for EUR payments in CZE. Be advised, there is a fee of 0,5% of the deposited amount (minimum 3 €/3 $ and maximum 10 €) which is added to the payment in case of EUR cash deposits to the EUR bank account. Please report any EUR payments in CZE in advance.


  • Payments from countries other than CZE are to be directed to the FIO Banka, plc account
  • IBAN:SK11 8330 0000 0025 0041 5164
  • Tatrabank address: FIO Banka, a.s., Nam. SNP 21, 811 01, Slovak republic
  • S.W.I.F.T. code : FIOZSKBAXXX
  • Abroad payment fees are covered by the remitter.


In case of an issue occurring while checking in or during the stay or when customers discover a fact which does not correspond with the accommodation voucher details

Customers are obligated to report any problems encountered while checking in, during their stay or any inconsistencies with the accommodation voucher without delay.

In case of a complaint, the customers and the accommodation provider should come to an agreement on a rectification or compensation. Nevertheless, customers are to relate the situation to travel agency without delay. They can do so by phone or by email. Clients can claim compensation in case the accommodation provider does not provide services as agreed.



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Vysoké Tatry Travel s.r.o.
Švábovce 69
059 12 Švábovce
IČO: 46569782
DIČ: 2023439660
IČ DPH: SK2023439660