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Why and how should you search for and order accommodation through

These websites are being created in order to help those interested in travelling to the High Tatras. 

You can use them to find information on not only how to reach Tatras, but also what trips to consider, where to look for services and so on. The latter mentioned category contains assistance with your search for suitable accommodation. We do our best to secure optimal accommodation based on your needs. We are well aware of available possibilities in the High Tatras and we know how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Accommodation facilities do not pay us for advertisement or placement on our websites and we do not hesitate to remove them from our offer in case of customer dissatisfaction.


Prices are customarily equal to the price lists directly offered by accommodation facilities themselves. In comparison to large travel agencies, you have the option of booking reservations shorter than one week (requires approval of the lodging provider in question).

Our prices are significantly lower due to the fact that we do not print catalogues, maintain expensive officers etc.

We also provide additional services and advice by individual request.

How to book accommodation:

1. Choose from our accommodation offer; alternatively ask us for a fitting recommendation.

2. Fill in an order on a website of the accommodation facility in question. A message confirming the order will be delivered to your email address. If the message doesn’t arrive you have probably entered your email address incorrectly. In that case please contact us here:

3. We will verify the availability of the requested term and the price validity (our prices are being regularly updated but it is possible for a short term discount to be available or for a lodging provider to change the prices without notice)

4. You will receive the information about the availability of the requested term and the price validity.  

5. Once the term and the price are verified and you agree, we will ask you to commit to the order by an email confirmation. The accommodation of your choice is usually not booked until you commit to the order; it is therefore possible that the accommodation may be taken if you take long to do so.

6. We confirm the reservation with the lodging provider and send you an order confirmation and payment details.

7. After the payment arrives, you receive an email with an accommodation voucher and travel description.




How to choose a stay in the High Tatras:

When choosing a stay for your visit to the High Tatras consider these:

1. Accommodation type:

Guests can choose from several types of accommodation facilities:

  • Hotel - accommodation in single and double rooms, usually with private facilities. Hotels offer board possibilities and most of them offer equipment for free time and sports activities (a pool, a fitness centre, a bar, table tennis etc.). These hotels mostly have large capacities which do not offer much privacy. They however offer short term stays (1-2 days). Prices are mostly higher than in other acc. facilities.
  • Guest house - smaller capacity than hotels, not always board possibilities, comfortable environment. Prices comparable to hotels.
  • Lodgings - rooms most often situated in villas which are rented to tourists. Some house sections are ordinarily common with the house owner. Most lodgings are not situated in the High Tatras centre but rather in Sub-Tatra Basin settlements. The advantage is in prices. Clients can use a kitchen and a bathroom common for several rooms. There can be other guests staying on the same floor. One night stays are in most cases not possible.
  • Recreational apartment/flat - self sustained housing unit, often without direct contact with the owner. Kitchen, bathroom etc. are comparable to regular housing standards. The advantages are privacy and the possibility of large groups staying together (e.g. 1-2 families). One night stays are in most cases not possible.
  • Chalet - individual building of several rooms. Suitable for larger groups. One night stays are in most cases not possible.

2. Location

Accommodation is in the first place chosen according to which part of Tatras we want to visit. It is therefore hard to generalise which accommodation is the most preferable. For example, if we want to visit both the High and the Western Tatras, Pribylina might be fitting. Pribylina is however not a suitable locality for those who wish to explore the surroundings of Tatranska Lomnica.

Main locations:

High Tatras centres (Štrbské Pleso-Starý Smokovec-Tatranská Lomnice and their vicinities) – many shops, services, restaurants and so on. Furthermore, many cultural activities (sports, discos, events..). Local transport network (Tatra Electric Railway, buses, aerial cableways) - a car is not needed. Huge touristic opportunities: excellent starting point of tourist paths.

Sub-Tatra Basin settlements – mostly accommodation in lodgings, mainly advantageous due to prices. Less opportunity of free time activities. It is recommended to have a car or book a stay near one of the Tatra Electric Railway stops. Consider also parking fees in Tatra centres. That amount is to be included in the accommodation costs in case you stay away from the centre and use a car.

High Tatra surroundings - (Poprad, Kežmarok)

Low Tatras - Jasná / Demänovská valley
Low Tatras  - Liptovský Ján
Western Tatras - Roháče


Board - guest house catering possibilities (breakfasts, half board /breakfasts+dinners/, full board /breakfasts + lunches+ dinners/); a kitchen for clients may be available.

Parking - secure parking means a parking lot in a sealed yard or garage without the owner's responsibility in case of damage (break in, theft, etc.)

Pet - possibility to bring a pet into an accommodation facility. It can sometimes be arranged with owners for a small pet to be allowed into an accommodation facility even if it is stated that pets are not allowed. Warning, dogs are only allowed in settlement areas, bringing them to mountain areas is forbidden!

Sanitary facilities,WC - lodgings and recreation apartments usually provide sanitary facilities which are common for an apartment or one floor (approx. 2-4 rooms).

Weekends - some accommodation facilities offer only 1 week stays - mostly Saturday to Saturday. They can be offered either year round or only in season.

Pool, fitness, sauna, tennis - this usually means facilities which are located within the accommodation areal; these are for a fee usually available even for non-guests.




By request, we provide tax documents, company invoices etc.


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