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  • Parking
  • Board
  • room with a toilet
  • Room with sanitary facilities
  • TV
  • Outdoor seating
  • Playroom for children
  • Internet
  • Baby friendly
Accommodation type: Pension (B & B) ***
Location: Ždiar
Area: Ždiar
Approximate price: 30.00 € - we will verify availability and price for you TODAY
Min. number of people: 1
Max. number of persons: 40


Parking: Not secure, free of charge
Board: Half board available
room with a toilet: room with a toilet
Room with sanitary facilities: Room with sanitary facilities
TV: TV in room
Outdoor seating: Outdoor seating
Playroom for children: Playroom for children
Internet: WIFI connection throughout the hotel


The pension is located on the outskirts of Ždiar, near the ski resort Strednica (700 m) and Strachanovka (300 m). The neighborhood is really quiet, next to the forest. Real nature :)


This family-run guest house offers 8 beautiful rooms: 3 suites and double rooms.
The newly renovated building from the last century combines traditional architecture with modern and elegant interiors. and one classic apartment.


The restaurant serves a rich breakfast and dinner buffet. The nice terrace is an ideal place to enjoy a drink and enjoy the mountain views - and your children playing on the playground.


- playground,
- Jacuzzi with micromassage

Walking tours
From Ždiar to Tatranská Lomnica (Ždiar - Monková dolina - Kopské sedlo - Cottage by the Green Lake - Skalnaté pleso - Tatranská Lomnica)
total: 9 hours,
gain: 1192 m,
difficulty: a demanding all-day alpine hike with strenuous ascents.
It is also possible to descend to the Valley of Seven Springs under the Bujačie vrch massif to the Plesnivec cottage (1290 m above sea level), which is the only alpine cottage in the Belianske Tatras, with a descent to the Tatranská Kotlina.
From Ždiar to Osturne (Ždiar - Magurka - Osturnianske lake - Osturňa - Strednica - Ždiar)
total: 7 hours,
gain: 498 m,
difficulty: moderately demanding full-day hike with a small elevation gain.
The village of Osturňa is a "living open-air museum" - a monument reserve of folk architecture.
Nature trail to Jezerské Lake from Bachledova dolina (Bachledová dolina - Malá poľana / lookout tower / - Bukovina - Jezerské Jazero - Malá poľana - Bachledová)
total: 3 hours 45 minutes,
gain: 362 m,
difficulty: easy shorter hike, suitable for families with children and seniors.

Cross-country on a bicycle
Ždiar - Osturňa - Spišské Hanušovce (length: 28 km, elevation gain: 323 m, surface and difficulty: asphalt paved recreational - sports trail on mountain terrain and with a steep climb.
Ždiar - Magurské sedlo (length: 22 km, elevation gain: 806 m, surface and difficulty: a demanding route with a large elevation gain, mostly on an unpaved surface.
Bike park Sun Bachledová - offers 4 routes of varying difficulty. It is especially popular with downhill cycling lovers and adrenaline enthusiasts.

Activities for the whole family
Walk in the treetops - discover the Tatras from the treetops, look around the nature of the Tatras, Pieniny and Zamaguria from a bird's eye view. There are educational stops on the sidewalk route, which will reveal interesting places from the local nature, show the destructive force of the weather and acquaint you with the landscape around. There is no shortage of fun and adrenaline on the sidewalk. Your task will be to cross obstacles overlooking the void, solve tasks, walk through the net at a height of 32 meters to the ground and enjoy a fun ride 67 meters long toboggan. On the sidewalk are welcome children, families, carriages and seniors. The sidewalk is barrier-free in the full length of 1,234 meters with a safe railing. Dogs and bicycles are not allowed on the sidewalk and lockable aviaries are prepared for them before entering.
Maguráčik train - is in operation during the summer tourist season. The tourist train will be appreciated especially by children, and it will diversify the tour of the village and its surroundings.
Adventure minigolf in Ždiar - the course has 9 holes and the children will also get acquainted with the animals living in this region in an educational way.
Discgolf in Bachledova dolina - 9-hole course located on the Bachledka ski slope with a panoramic view of the Belianske Tatras.
Family fun in SUN Bachledová - bobsleigh track, cable car, nature trail, lookout tower, children's park. For lovers of folklore and traditions
You can learn about the life, customs and living of Ždiarans in the local museum Ždiarsky dom. In addition to an interesting explanation, visitors have the opportunity to live a wedding wedding and dress up in traditional costumes. A horse-drawn carriage ride can also be an accompanying event. The official gallery of the Belianske Tatras, where in addition to photographs of various formats, you will also find oil paintings of the Belianske Tatras, souvenirs and information materials of the surrounding attractions.


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