Vila Beatrice ***

..including buffet breakfast

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  • Parking
  • Board
  • room with a toilet
  • Room with sanitary facilities
  • TV
  • Outdoor seating
  • Playroom for children
  • Internet
  • Sauna
  • Baby friendly
Accommodation type: Apartments ***
Location: Tatranská Lomnica
Area: Center of High Tatras
Approximate price: 35.00 € - we will verify availability and price for you TODAY
Min. number of people: 2
Max. number of persons: 41


Parking: Not secure, free of charge
Board: Breakfasts
room with a toilet: room with a toilet
Room with sanitary facilities: Room with sanitary facilities
TV: TV in room
Outdoor seating: Outdoor seating
Playroom for children: Playroom for children
Internet: Internet in room
Sauna: Sauna


Villa Beatrice is located very close to the center of Tatranska Lomnica , as well as cable cars and ski lifts. Her typical tower is also known from the postcards. It has fully equipped modern apartments , free Wi-Fi and free private parking.


The apartments are comfortably equipped with their own kitchenette, telephone, radio, TV (30 channels) and internet connection. On the ground floor of the villa is a restaurant , which has a capacity of 47 seats and offers a pleasant seating area. There is also a separate lounge with a capacity of 8 chairs and a conference room for 25 people. The restaurant is featured in many gourmet guides and magazines and offers top Slovak and foreign wines .

types of rooms

Apartment A: apartment consists of bedroom, living room with sofa bed, which can be used as an extra bed and kitchenette (stove, electric oven, fridge, microwave oven, cooker and kettle). The apartment also has a bathroom with shower and toilet. (2 + 2 persons)
Apartment B: The apartment consists of one or two bedrooms, a room for one person, a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom with a shower, bathtub and kitchenette (stove, electric oven, fridge, microwave, cooker and kettle). (3 + 2 persons / 4 + 2 persons)
Apartment C: a double decker apartment with 4 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, two bathrooms and toilet, and also a large dining room with kitchenette (stove, electric oven, fridge, microwave oven, cooker and kettle). (8 persons)

another services

In the villa there is also a strong sauna and fitness, at the reception there is a currency exchange, a big safe, a souvenir shop . In the back of the building there are garages for passenger cars, underground garage


About us

We have been providing accommodation in the High Tatras for more than 10 years. We're people from the High Tatras. We offer accommodation in facilities with which we have good experience and know them. We guarantee fast response by booking.
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